So we made it to Switzerland in one piece. We had originally planned to take a few days as we thought we’d need to pick up our car and go around Germany. But my mom graciously lent us her car for this trip so we could go straight in one day. With the internet, we are able to find the best way to go which is fun and all, but I was thinking to myself that my job as map-reader (something I enjoy, I know…I’m odd) is over. Sure enough, we ended up using the wrong file so took the wrong road. Next thing, I’m having to map out a route to get back on course. Not complaining about the internet one anymore, heh!

Other than that, the trip went well. We’re in a beautiful area of Switzerland, so be prepared to be bombarded with pictures, heh.

Prayers for the fundraising will be appreciated!


2 thoughts on “Switzerland”

  1. In Switzerland (is that how it’s spelled?) wow, a beautiful country. One of my favorite places as far as scenery goes. I hope the children will enjoy it there. We are keeping you all in our prayers. Keep warm. Love you all tons!

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