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More random pix

I found some more pictures on Jo’s laptop that I finally got around to working on. Here they are in order of occurrence:


On our last trip to CK at the adorable Mexican restaurant where we had dinner.


At the play area in Austria. This horse was life-size!


She needed help getting up. It had sound effects as well…fun for the kids!


The little watermill at that same reststop.


The colors of autumn…in September! Germany was cold!


The kids went to a funfair with Oma and Dad. They had all these old-fashioned toys and activities for the kids. Cherise won something for getting all the frogs 😀


This one took some coordination as she had to get marbles in only some of the holes without bumping the other ones out.


He got a little ticket to be the locomotive driver. Judging from his face, I think he’ll chose something more exciting to be when he grows up.


And the naughty kids get put into a cage 😛 Actually, this was some kind of ride??


After Oma’s birthday cake we took the leftover sparklers out.


It was windy and cold! Hence the scarf on her head (I think…or were CC and her playing Indian again?)


CC at a pitstop on the way to Switzerland.


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