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Switzerland pix

sunrise.jpgThe living room faces east, so when the weather is clear we can see amazing sunrises. I would have rather gone up on the balcony, but the kids were still asleep. Shortly after this picture was taken the clouds moved up more and the mountains were hidden from view. Now the peaks are covered in snow (we’re 300m below the snow line, brrrrrrrrrr!) which makes for more amazing pix. I really should go out there sometimes and take them. Or remember to take the camera along on our walks!

swing.jpgI did take the camera one of the first times out here, so here are some from the forest playground just down the mountain a bit. It’s an amazing place, you have to climb the rocks to go up the slide, the swing is between two huge trees and the merry-go-around is on a flat rock as well. We’ve gone on a few long walks as well as a picnic on a field with an amazing view (of course, I forgot the cam). It’s cooled down considerably recently; just last weekend I got a sunburn because I ended up in a short sleeved shirt and forgot to put sun screen on and this weekend I’m back to wearing a coat!



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