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Odds and Ends


Since CC prefers to post pix she’s taken (with one exception), here are the pix of her during our trip back from Czech Rep. For details check out her blog. 


CC, the princess, it matches her so well!


The inside of the shopping center was built out like an old castle.


Isn’t this like the coolest rain drain ever?? Jo found this building in Dresden on one of his trips out.

Jordan’s at this faze where he understands and reasons so much, but at the same time is often confused at figures of speech. Case in point:  I had made cheese cake for breakfast and after eating his piece he asked for malted wheaties (boxed cereal). I reasoned with him, “Wouldn’t you rather another piece of cake? I worked so hard to make it and now you want to eat something out of a box!” He giggled and said, “No, mom, not out of the box, in a bowl with milk and spoon!”

So, I’m off to the PEP. Don’t expect to hear from me (or CC) until Monday next week. I was discussing it with CC this morning, explaining why I was going, etc. I told her that as the big girl she is, I need her to be ‘mommy’ while I’m away. Her retort, “Oh, so I get to tell Daddy what to do all day?”

My favorite quotes, songs and stories

Another Song: Closure

Yes, so I’m very late at drawing attention to this one. I just find it particularly good right now. Sometimes I find myself lacking words to express just how I feel. I listened to this one over and over today, it just takes all I want to say and puts it in a way that makes sense.


Produced by Phil.
Vocals-Amanda Rudow
Lyrics and music-Ryan

I hope when this day is done
my tears will crystallize and be beautiful.
I pray when the last morning comes
my fears will vaporize and I’ll trust once more.

trying to breathe on my own
ignoring the hurt
placing the blame as my own.
don’t you know it hurts?

take it away
take it all away
help me to see beyond what’s broken in my world
take it away
take it all away
give me the strength to fight
and give me the grace to cry.

I hope when the last word is said
I’ll find my closure and we can move on.
I pray, now my heart gives in,
my beauty for ashes will live in this song.

trying to breathe on my own
ignoring the hurt
placing the blame as my own.
don’t you know it hurts?

take it away
take it all away
help me to see beyond whats broken in my world
take it away
take it all away
give me the strength to fight
and give me the grace to cry.

My favorite quotes, songs and stories, my writings and thots, Travels

A praise post

Stop looking at the waves and your vessel. I want to use you. The bottom line is: Are you willing to be used? If you are‚ then step out and saw off that branch and quit worrying about how you’ll ever be able to do it! Just look to Me in all you do and I’ll do the rest. Get going! Just say yes, and the rest will take care of itself‚ because I will take care of it.

I just want to take a moment to thank the Lord for His care and provision. Although my faith was low because our fundraising has been going slower than we had hoped, He has supplied faithfully and I feel so excited as I look forward to all He’s still to do! It’s exciting to see what miracles He’s still going to do.

I’m so thankful also to our wonderful Family. Homes have taken us in overnight or weeks at a time to help us in our efforts to get to India. My mom graciously loaned us her car, let us stay at her place and helped in so many ways. Thanks also for everyone’s support, moral and spiritual. I can feel your prayers and they are working for us.

Now, as soon as we get the rest of the funds together for our ticket and shipping, we’re off! Yes, we did get a positive response to our request to go FD!

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Still alive!

Yeh, I haven’t updated in ages, I’m sorry. We’re safely at my Mom’s since nearly a week now, having stopped in Frankfurt for a few days to visit my sisters and friends we haven’t seen in a long time. We had a great time together but all of the pictures on my camera were lost due to a mistake I made in copying them to my laptop. Needless to say, I’m not deleting the pix off my camera until I’m absolutely sure they’re safe on my laptop! I did get some pix from Jo, so there are a few I’ll post.


One of the bridges across the Main river. This one is just for pedestrians and arguably the nicest one.

CC and Cherise were so happy to see Hana and Naomi again! Hana joined us on our walk to the park, past fountains, dino museums, folk fests and more!

Jo and Jordan by the fountain in the middle of town.

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On the road again!

Well, our time here in Switzerland has come to an end. It was a beautiful time, something we won’t forget too soon. The home here has been great! Thank you so much for letting us stay, helping us out and making our time here a really great one! You guys are great and I had plenty of fun taking care of the kids, they’re a fun bunch!

Today we went to an amazing play area for kids with all kinds of playground and other fun equipment as well as a huge maze. Cherise would not let me out of the maze until we had found all 10 ‘treasures’ which means I feel as if I’d walked 10 kms out there! Of course, our camera had enough battery for one pic, so sadly, nothing this time. There were slides like I’ve never seen. So incredibly high, just climbing up there made me dizzy and sick. But the slide down with Jordan was great fun! The sun came out briefly making it a beautiful day.

I don’t know what internet will be like in the next few days, we’ll be at my sister’s place and I’ll have a chance to see both my sisters whom I haven’t seen in years! So…I’ll see you all when I see you. Oh, and of course, CC won’t be posting, either.

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Sunday outing!

We were able to (finally) take the kids out, down the mountain to the little town. There was plenty to do for the afternoon, and we had a great time! I’ll let the pix speak for themselves with some commentary between. I’m not posting most of the scenery pix just yet, that’s enough for a post of it’s own. I’m trying to get it all done before we leave here on Wednesday. Oh, and we did a bit of face painting before we went out and the kids didn’t want to take them off, so that’s why they look like a tiger, princess and magic of pegasus.


The beautiful CC while before her face paint smudged. Thankfully, the day was beautiful and sunny. We had a bbq before leaving, so the kids asked if we could take our pick-nick lunch that we had originally made along for dinner.


Inside the Roman arena. It was our first time in an amphitheater and although it was smaller, it was an interesting experience nevertheless.


Jordan and Cherise had found an amusing way to jump down the seats, I thot it was funny anyway…


And here they come!


One cool thing about Switzerland: there are fountains everywhere! We didn’t even bother with bringing bottled water as the water from the springs tastes so much better anyway! As long as CC’s tongue is, it wasn’t long enough, heh!


Cherise got the hang of it!


Regardless of where we were, there was the wonderful mountain panorama. After getting a drink we followed a path which was soon going up the mountain. Cherise has so much energy and likes to be the one leading up the mountain but as we went she suddenly stopped and burst into tears! I followed her outstretched arm and was dismayed to see something pink peeking out of the leaves and branches about 6-7 meters down the side of the mountain. She had lost her shoe and was now crying cause she thot it was lost. Brave Jo rescued it and we proceeded back down on our way for dinner.


Jo and the tired kids after our treak up the mountain.



On the way up to the fort.  The mountain was covered in vineyards and the little steps are to get into them easily. I think that face is a classic!


The fort was very interesting, and though the tower was closed by the time we got there, we still saw the outside of the main building and had dinner in the courtyard. The view was amazing and the kids and Jo walked along the outer wall as well.


Cherise fit nicely in the cannon!


CC got this good pic of the sunset and Jo looking good and relaxed 😀