September newsletter and pix


In Word format (I’m so gonna learn indesign before the next one!) actrpt-june-sep.doc

These pix are from our outing with the kids on Saturday. It was a gloriously sunny day, thank God we could take the kids out for a big chunk of the day. We climbed up to a beautiful (and dangerous!) lookout on nearby mountain. The kids didn’t go to the top, I just got these pix while they waited with the guys. I wish I was better at photography. It seems such a waste to be surrounded by such beauty and not able to do the subject justice. I know Jo is taking pix, I just need to get them from him.


I’m told the river isn’t clear because of the minerals that the snow brings down from the mountains. The cliff would have taken me straight down to Martigny–literally.


The river in the other direction. This is my first time in the French side of Switzerland; people here are very friendly, and I make for the perfect gringo as every time we’re out I have ‘good day’ going through my mind in 4 languages and it takes me a few seconds to decide which one to use, heh!

Make sure you check out CC’s pix of the mountains and other things she saw on Saturday





1 thought on “September newsletter and pix”

  1. Nice pics. Reminds me of when I used to live around that same area. It was so beautiful just like in story book. We lived in the Mountain view home and you could see across the valley to the other mountain. I even saw 2 rainbows crisscrossing each other.
    We have moved! Miracle! Thanks for all your prayers.
    Love you all!


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