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On the road again!

Well, our time here in Switzerland has come to an end. It was a beautiful time, something we won’t forget too soon. The home here has been great! Thank you so much for letting us stay, helping us out and making our time here a really great one! You guys are great and I had plenty of fun taking care of the kids, they’re a fun bunch!

Today we went to an amazing play area for kids with all kinds of playground and other fun equipment as well as a huge maze. Cherise would not let me out of the maze until we had found all 10 ‘treasures’ which means I feel as if I’d walked 10 kms out there! Of course, our camera had enough battery for one pic, so sadly, nothing this time. There were slides like I’ve never seen. So incredibly high, just climbing up there made me dizzy and sick. But the slide down with Jordan was great fun! The sun came out briefly making it a beautiful day.

I don’t know what internet will be like in the next few days, we’ll be at my sister’s place and I’ll have a chance to see both my sisters whom I haven’t seen in years! So…I’ll see you all when I see you. Oh, and of course, CC won’t be posting, either.


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