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A praise post

Stop looking at the waves and your vessel. I want to use you. The bottom line is: Are you willing to be used? If you are‚ then step out and saw off that branch and quit worrying about how you’ll ever be able to do it! Just look to Me in all you do and I’ll do the rest. Get going! Just say yes, and the rest will take care of itself‚ because I will take care of it.

I just want to take a moment to thank the Lord for His care and provision. Although my faith was low because our fundraising has been going slower than we had hoped, He has supplied faithfully and I feel so excited as I look forward to all He’s still to do! It’s exciting to see what miracles He’s still going to do.

I’m so thankful also to our wonderful Family. Homes have taken us in overnight or weeks at a time to help us in our efforts to get to India. My mom graciously loaned us her car, let us stay at her place and helped in so many ways. Thanks also for everyone’s support, moral and spiritual. I can feel your prayers and they are working for us.

Now, as soon as we get the rest of the funds together for our ticket and shipping, we’re off! Yes, we did get a positive response to our request to go FD!


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