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Odds and Ends


Since CC prefers to post pix she’s taken (with one exception), here are the pix of her during our trip back from Czech Rep. For details check out her blog. 


CC, the princess, it matches her so well!


The inside of the shopping center was built out like an old castle.


Isn’t this like the coolest rain drain ever?? Jo found this building in Dresden on one of his trips out.

Jordan’s at this faze where he understands and reasons so much, but at the same time is often confused at figures of speech. Case in point:  I had made cheese cake for breakfast and after eating his piece he asked for malted wheaties (boxed cereal). I reasoned with him, “Wouldn’t you rather another piece of cake? I worked so hard to make it and now you want to eat something out of a box!” He giggled and said, “No, mom, not out of the box, in a bowl with milk and spoon!”

So, I’m off to the PEP. Don’t expect to hear from me (or CC) until Monday next week. I was discussing it with CC this morning, explaining why I was going, etc. I told her that as the big girl she is, I need her to be ‘mommy’ while I’m away. Her retort, “Oh, so I get to tell Daddy what to do all day?”


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