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some pix…

…to bring life back to this place.

I raided Jo’s laptop for all the November pix he’s taken. There are more from this last weekend, but those will come later. CC is going to update again as well.


We have this tradition of going to the graveyards the day after All Saints Day to see the candles in the evening. It’s always so pretty and though I missed it this year (was at the PEP), it looks like the kids enjoyed themselves.


It wasn’t as cold as it has been in years past, but it’s always chilly, visiting after dark like that.


Jo took them to the playground for fun and play (good thing he did, it’s been too cold and wet since then!). This thing is so high, I’ve only attempted it once and didn’t have the guts for it again; the kids think it’s great fun, though.


Cherise tries to get her hammock to go high, like a swing…not sure she really understands the concept of the whole thing.


I can never tell with him if he’s having fun or just scared to death of falling out of the thing!


After I got back, we took a day trip up to CK to visit friends. This dear woman made the hats and scarves for the kids when she heard we’d be staying for part of the winter after all. The kids showered her and her husband with hugs and we enjoyed a nice lunch together.


Mike and Jordan just love this train set, they can be occupied with it for a long time…


I felt so sorry for the guy who had to wear this mascot all day. It’s so incredibly hot! I heard later that he had a fan inside, but still!


And then it snowed! It came down for 2 days straight, though it wasn’t cold enough to stay so as soon as it stopped, the snow melted as well. But the kids did have their fun. Looks like someone’s about to get a snowball right in the face!


While us girls were shopping for boots for CC, Jo and Jordan used the time to try on silly hats. I love how his eyes are laughing when he’s really having fun!


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