my writings and thots


mothersday.gifToday was one of those days I would have loved to just relax. Spend a few hours reading, spending a loooong time meditating, take a hot shower, take some time just for ‘me’ and I felt like cooking. That’s what I would have loved to do. But of course, there’s bedding to be changed, a room to be cleaned, the TRF to be done, email messages to be written (thanks Mama for the brain twister translation work, ha!) and I did get to cook dinner! All in all a mixed day, I got to rest as well, spent nearly 2 hrs in Word, prayer and meditation which was nice, I did get to shower and wash my hair and spend all kinds of fun time with the kids doing art projects, the bedding change became a ‘falling into warm snow’ experience, the room looks nice after doing 2 loads of laundry. Dinner was fun to make, I haven’t made an imitation Mexican meal in a while and it came out surprisingly well, TTL. Now I just need to fit in that ‘me’ time sometime since I’ve finished the TRF šŸ˜€


The dinner, minus the salsa sauce…


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