about the kids

My Children

Cherise: “Mommy, what do doctors do when they injure themselves?”

Mikey and Jordan were having a discussion about their love for milk. Mikey: “I like my milk because it’ll make me big and strong like my daddy!” Jordan: “I drink milk so I’ll be big and strong like my mommy!” Oh yay.

Yesterday, after the show one of the handicapped teenagers startled CC by coming up behind her for a hug. I suggested she hug her back but CC was a bit put off at first. Cherise, who was sitting a short ways away got up, patted the girl on the back to get her attention and gave her a big hug. Moments like those make me tear up every time! Of course, CC got over it and gave a hug as well…it was just so cute to see how spontaneous Cherise is in her affection.

At least once a week, Jordan asks Jo, “Are we driving to India today?”


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