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This is the difference between how I see things and how you see them. I see you as successful and accomplished by your faithfulness‚ through your perseverance, dedication‚ and getting up from your falls again and again to accomplish My will for you.
I don’t look at how much you accomplished. I don’t look at all that you did for Me. In fact, that’s one of the last things on the list of deeds worthy of rewards with Me. I don’t look at how great you were and how few faults and mistakes you had. All I look at is
how you obeyed, loved Me, and did what I asked you to do.
Oh, My loves, I wish for you to see things as I see them. I don’t expect you to be faultless, and I don’t want you to expect it either. Such expectations are unrealistic and only serve to discourage you from doing all you can do. Notice how I say all that you can do? You cannot be perfect; it is not humanly possible. I know this, and that is why I don’t ask you to be perfect.
What is important to Me is your obedience, not your perfection. I know you’ll always have areas to grow in and you’ll never be without blemish or faults. I don’t expect that sort of unrealistic goal to be reached, and neither should you.


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