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Picture catch up

My sisters came to visit last week. I didn’t have time to update, as the kids have been sick and I’ve been busy, sorry! It was so nice having them, we had lots of fun and the kids miss their aunties. We went into town one day to see all the changes that have happened since we all moved away and then of course celebrated our being together that night as well. I’ll let the pix tell the rest.


Charlotte by the river and one of the bridges. When it comes to history and beautiful buildings, this city sure has it.


All us girls…


I believe you’re outnumbered 😛


The wall is painted with a mural of all the dukes and lords that ruled here in the last 900 yrs.


And this was before we started drinking, heh. Shhhhh, don’t tell him this is here, I might just get trouble…


My beautiful little sister! Should have gotten more pix of her with the kids!


The other beauty. I miss you guys!


Our mom. She’s taken us into her place and puts up with all our noise. We really appreciate it!


Aren’t they cute?


All of us together on our nite out.


2 thoughts on “Picture catch up”

  1. Ha, Vicky looks exactly the same. U know I still have that picture of me + siblings, u Gabi + siblings all bunched up on some bed, remember? Shall I post it…? hehe

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