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025_jesus_and_woman.jpgNo matter what your difficulty, what your circumstances are, or how big the mountains are, our dear Love has the answers. He has a plan, and He has wonderful things that He’s going to bring out of it in your life… Sometimes we go through some long, dark tunnels, but we always come out on the other side, as long as we keep following Jesus and holding His hand.

You mean everything to Him. He gave His life for you and He continues to give His all every day, because you are so important to Him. Your heart, your happiness and fulfillment in His service, your love for Him, are the most important things to Him‚ even more important than the work He has called you to do. He wants us to do our jobs well for Him, of course‚ but most of all, He wants us to be happy in doing them, to be inspired, and ready to share His love with others, and He’s going to do whatever it takes to help us to reach that goal.


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