about the kids


It’s been four years, since this little man came into my life–in this house, no less–and he’s been a bundle of fun, excitement, trouble, kisses, messes, heart-stopping escapades, cuddles, laughter and so much more. Jordan is such a gentleman. He’s constantly telling his sisters or I how we look good or giving us kisses. He likes making friends and though he has his ‘moments’ seems to remember other kids he liked for some time. He’s all boy, still as well as today’s party theme shows. He wanted bugs! So bugs it was. He likes fast cars, motorcycles, tigers, snakes, creepy and gooey things. He is showing an interest in reading now (no small thanks to his sister who reads to him a lot) so I’m trying to be consistent with his flashcards. He will be starting pre-school in about a month (he’s done lots of KG type stuff and is nearly ready for it) which he’s already looking forward to. He likes to color, cut, glue and of course is happy if there’s a mess involved too, ha!

I wanted to make a little collage of his life so far, I need to get my back-up drive hooked up again, hope I get time. Will post pix of the party tomorrow.


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