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First day of spring!

Yes, I know, it’s not ‘official’ yet, but it’s the first day that really felt like spring since we’ve been here. It’s been warmer lately sometimes, so things have started to blossom (and for anyone wondering, yes, I do have hay fever again, though thankfully not quite as bad yet as years past. Maybe it’s that the plant life here is slightly different, or it hasn’t hit me full on yet). I took the kids out, as you can see, with no jackets and soon even the sweaters were too warm, so it was just long shirts we needed.


Jordan couldn’t stop running the whole time.


So pretty!


Beautiful CC taking a rest at the top of the hill.


More prettiness…


The lovely Cherise takes in the beauty around her.


The snow drops started blossoming about 2 weeks back, but there are still plenty to be seen.


Jordan is pensive as he contemplates if he likes straw or not and why does there need to be straw when it cuts his hand?


Quite a few gardens were already in full bloom with the daffodils coming in shortly. (they’re called Easter bells in German as that’s when they traditionally bloom. I guess since Easter is early this year, they decided to be early too!)


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