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Busy, busy, busy…

that’s why the lack of posting, that, and my laptop is having internet issues, seems to be a hardware problem, so I’m dependant on using Jo’s or my mom’s depending on what’s available at the time.

We got our visas! We would like to book our tickets for next week, but the prices have gone up astronomically, so pls pray for wisdom as we decide how to go about it, as well as supply for the rest of the funds. Thanks!

The kids got to go to the zoo yesterday which was a special treat (thanks Chris!) for them to get out and about and see interesting things and for me to finish some work in preparation for our trip. I will post pix (as will CC in her new found commitment to outdo me in getting more comments than I do…which she already does, heh) as soon as I can.

The weather has warmed up again nicely, sun shining and flowers blooming, but thank the Lord it seems that the cold spell gave my sinuses a break so my hayfever is much more manageable.


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