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Thank You Lord, it’s done!

So, our tickets are booked! We’ll be leaving here on the 18th, arriving in the wee hours of the 19th in India. The Lord’s timing was perfect as we thought we had lost the chance to get that ticket cheaply, but when I went to check yesterday, only the day we had originally set as an ‘Etta date’ was cheap again! Now we’re looking at a booking that will take us to India at last! Any prayers for this will be welcome; I still have some packing to do, and I’m so excited I’m having trouble sleeping just when I really need my strength. Thanks!

At this time, just the kids and I will be traveling ahead as we still need some more funds for Jo’s ticket, but living here is becoming very expensive and we’re eager to be on the field as well. Pls pray he can get the funds quickly and find an equally cheap flight to join us in the Lord’s perfect time.

After all this waiting, and ‘planning to go’, it just feels so incredible to be ‘going’. The Lord really knew how long I could handle the waiting and true to His Word never gives more than we can bear. I know new learning experiences, trials and tests are on the way, but all I can say is: Bring it on! I’m excited about all the Lord wants to do next, even though at this time I’m still on a bit of a ‘bend’ and can’t see the full path ahead. Where we go is His plan, we just follow and continue to yield in the every day things and He makes it easy to yield to the big things.

The home we’re going to sounds very nice; I’ve been in touch with them for well over a year and feel like we’ve gotten to know each other a bit which is always good when starting ‘fresh’ like that. I realize (as do the kids) that it’s going to be hot, but since we know, we’re at least mentally prepared, ha! The kids have started getting things together, doing the last bits of school they could do before it’s all packed away and generally trying to be good so mommy can work to get everything done in time. CC desperately wants to update her blog before we go, so I’ll make some time for that.


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