Bye, Bye Europe!

So, finally, we’re off. I’ve spent the last four days packing and getting ready (though I don’t know that I’ll ever be really ‘ready’, heh). We have a short flight to London, from there about 8 1/2 hrs to Delhi where we’ll get picked up for the last leg of our journey: a 20 hr train ride after a night in Delhi. Of course, we’re all really excited, and I’m incredibly nervous. Any prayers for our trip would be appreciated, especially that all our baggage makes it at once with no delays or damage. That our connecting flight is punctual, that I find my way around with the kids and that we all stay healthy as well.

It’s a new beginning! Thanks so much to my mom and Chris who put us up and put up with all the extra noise and people in this little appartment. Thanks, Mama for your advice, counsel, love, and support. I love you!


1 thought on “Bye, Bye Europe!”

  1. Great victory! really happy you were able to hang on through it all and be such a missionary hearted mother and sample to your kids, they will remember this the rest of their lives and really show them that nothing is impossible with Him. Hope to see India post soon.

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