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Excitement on the roads

On Sundays we have a ‘kids corner’ at a hotel where we take kids for stories, coloring, balloons, and face painting so the parents can enjoy a long Sunday lunch. Normally, the hotel sends a car to pick us up, but they were late (they were fully booked and extremely busy, so we must have fallen through the cracks somewhere), so because we couldn’t wait any longer, we went with a regular taxi. All went well until we got to the round-about just before the hotel when suddenly the car’s axis just broke and the wheel was totally bent out of shape. It was a miracle we weren’t in an accident as he was slowing down to get into the round-about when it happened. We missed hitting the car in front of us by inches as he had no control over either steering or brakes. We opened the door to the smell of burnt asphalt as the axis had scraped the street for as long as it took for us to grind to a halt. We were able to help the driver find the tow service which was just on the other side of the round-about and just then our original driver showed up to take us the last 100meters to the hotel. All of us had a good laugh once we started breathing normally again as it was one of those situations where the Lord just protected us and worked it all out so we weren’t even late. I just wish I had my camera with me to take a picture of our broken down taxi in the middle of the round-about.

about the kids

another day out

At the park

CC’s new outfit…if she could, she’d wear it all the time…

Jordan’s first taste of lime. I knew it would be a good one, glad I had the cam handy!

This time they all got into the pic!

She looks like a little preacher here, standing on a bench and CC looks properly bored 😀

Cherise’s new outfit, she looks so cute and Indian…


water and amusement park

That place was great! There was a huge water park, with slides, fountains, waterfalls, a ‘rain disco’, waves, etc. After getting as much sun as we dared (we all got into the shade by 1) and a good lunch, we made our way through the rest of the park which was full of amusements, rides, etc. The kids enjoyed themselves immensely and I was so happy to be having this relaxed time with them. They were angels the whole day, taking turns when needed and coming home thankfully at the end of the day. CC and I braved the first rollercoaster for both of us. Never thought I’d do that, but this one wasn’t that huge so I tried. CC loved it! She would have liked to go again, but as much as I liked it, couldn’t be convinced to do it again. Cherise and Jordan went on their share of ‘freaky rides’, small roller coasters, boat rides, etc. They convinced me to go on the cable car with them, which was not the highlight of my day, but a first for them, so I conquered my fear and did it.

about the kids

India pix

I’m sorry for the delay, the connection isn’t the fastest, so I get daunted just at the thought, boy, so spoiled am I…also, I’ve been hesitant to take the cam out with me when I take the kids out, as I only have 2 hands and don’t want to be preoccupied with not losing the cam. However, I’m learning, and have been able to take some pictures around here as well as at the water park we took the kids to yesterday. waterfight.jpgjorwaterfight.jpg

Water fight on the roof!


At a shopping mall