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A miracle

So often in my busy ‘adult’ life, I get wrapped up in the things that need to get done, the things I worry about or that trouble me. In times like that, I’m amazed and thankful when my kids teach me lesson or two based solely on their full and unassuming faith.


I had been spending the last few days, and, even worse, nights worrying and doing the math for upcoming things I needed to save for. My visa trip is due in a few months, and I figured it wouldn’t exactly be cheap. Also, my school fees and book order need to be done around the same time meaning I have a hefty sum to get together in the coming months. I was at a bit of wits end as I didn’t see any way I could physically come by the money simply by ‘working’ for it. I had recently taken a step of faith and the Lord supplied every step of the way, but now that I’m here, I was back to my old way of thinking and trying to ‘pray down the faith’ needed for these upcoming expenses.


With all these thoughts going through my mind, I went on a walk with Cherise. It’ll be her birthday next week and since it’s a family tradition for the birthday child to get small gifts for all the kids coming to the party, she and I were discussing what she wanted to get. She had it well thought out and even wanted to get the adults something as well. I thought it was a pretty good list but realized that her allowance wasn’t going to be enough for what she had planned. As a six year old, she’s still getting used to the concept of money, and being new here she hasn’t really understood how much things cost and how much her allowance is in comparison. I told her I thought she was being very thoughtful and it sounded like a good list, but then gingerly asked her where she thought she was going to get enough money for all the things she wanted to get. Her reply was instant and clear, “It’s going to be a miracle Mommy, and YOU’RE going to help me!”


I stifled my laughter as good as I could and after I had thought it over later and had my laugh, I realized how I had been like a small child, making my ‘list’ of things I needed. But instead of going to my Heavenly Father and telling Him that I needed Him to do a miracle for me, I was praying but not really believing that He could take care of it all for me. Because I spend my life working for Him, He has promised to take care of me and as such, my prayers have changed their tone. After all, He did say “command thou me” (Isa.45:11b) and that if we obey Him and do as He asks, we can be confident of His answers to our prayers.


So now, when I pray I say “Lord, it’s going to take a miracle, and YOU’RE going to help me”


4 thoughts on “A miracle”

  1. hey Gabe,
    I just found your blog I lost the link for a while. I hope your
    I heard your in India. Cool!

  2. Great going and I’m sure He will do the rest, it’s small in comparison to what He has done and will continue to do for you and for Cherise’ new year and birthday list.

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