about the kids

Cherise grades

These are Cherise’s average grade for the last quarter. CC’s are on her blog along with an explaination of how it’s done. I’m very proud of them, they’re really doing their best!

 Cherise quarter (Mar-May) average grades:

Bible: 98%

LA: 97%

Spelling: 92%

Math: 93%

Reading: 89%

Science: 93%

Social Studies: 95%


Strong Faith

In order to have strong faith, it must be sorely tested, refined, and purified. It’s the testing and refining and purifying that is hard—so hard to endure, so hard to understand, so hard to accept. I am just. I keep My Word. I am faithful. But My ways are so much higher than your ways (Isa.55:9). My priorities are so different from your priorities. You want quick answers, visible results. I’m almost always after something deeper, even more precious and long-lasting—the kind of results that take time. This Earth and your short life here is a testing ground, there are no two ways about it. There’s no way to come to Earth, learn what you need to learn, grow in the ways your spirit needs to grow, experience what you need to experience, and accomplish what you need to accomplish without this sore, painful testing. That’s the Earth life. That’s life experience on Earth, and that’s why what you learn during your life on Earth is so valuable—irreplaceable, really—because it’s so hard earned… But there are limits to how much I can deliver you from the difficulties without taking away your honor, your reward, your testimony, your privilege.

I can’t spare you from all the difficulty or it wouldn’t be a test—or a testimony. You would be cheated out of what you signed up to come to Earth for in the first place.

My loves, there’s no “secret answer” that I can give you that is going to see you through the tough times you’re experiencing now‚ or the ones you’re going to go through in the future. But what will see you through is faith—faith that never lets go, that never gives up.


Picture catch up

Jordan is making so much progress in his school. He managed this page on his own and is now up to the number 6. I don’t have a scanner, so this is a photo of it.


 There were 5 monkeys on our roof one day when the kids went up to play! I wasn’t home, but I hear that it’s very rare for Kolkata to have wild monkeys at all. It was exciting for the kids though and thankfully, everyone stayed safe.

My three angels!


Sea this

We were invited by a friend to spend a few days at a resort near the sea. We had been hoping for a vacation, and the Lord sure knew we needed it! After a 3 hr train ride we made our way to the resort which was practically empty at this time of year, meaning the kids could roam the place without disturbing anyone. In fact, the staff was so glad to have us as they said they’d be bored again once we left, ha!

The sea was different from anything I’ve ever experienced. I had heard about tides that go out for miles, but never seen a tide that goes out for 6 kms! Because of this, the water wasn’t very deep the whole way out and the waves were great fun! Even Cherise got the hang of riding the waves and enjoyed it thoroughly. In the afternoons, when the tide was out, we spent time hunting for beautiful shells and crabs, one day we went to the little fishing village and one day it rained, cooling everything down and making for fun family time, playing games, talk-time, etc. We also had plenty of time to explore the gardens, take pictures, and observe animals we don’t see much of here. CC took plenty of pix, which I will work on getting onto her blog soon.