Sea this

We were invited by a friend to spend a few days at a resort near the sea. We had been hoping for a vacation, and the Lord sure knew we needed it! After a 3 hr train ride we made our way to the resort which was practically empty at this time of year, meaning the kids could roam the place without disturbing anyone. In fact, the staff was so glad to have us as they said they’d be bored again once we left, ha!

The sea was different from anything I’ve ever experienced. I had heard about tides that go out for miles, but never seen a tide that goes out for 6 kms! Because of this, the water wasn’t very deep the whole way out and the waves were great fun! Even Cherise got the hang of riding the waves and enjoyed it thoroughly. In the afternoons, when the tide was out, we spent time hunting for beautiful shells and crabs, one day we went to the little fishing village and one day it rained, cooling everything down and making for fun family time, playing games, talk-time, etc. We also had plenty of time to explore the gardens, take pictures, and observe animals we don’t see much of here. CC took plenty of pix, which I will work on getting onto her blog soon.


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