about the kids

Happy Birthday, Charlotte!

My oldest daughter is 10 today! She’s such a big girl already—man, how time flies! We celebrated on Saturday for both the cancers (Peter has birthday tomorrow) with plenty of good food, fun play for the kids and I took CC and Cherise out to the big market to get CC a birthday dress. We found a nice cotton one that she really liked and at a place where they didn’t try to over-price the item based on us being foreigners. Her new favorite color is blue and I think it suits her quite nicely.

My dear daughter, I pray this year will just get better and better for you as you grow to love the Lord and others. I appreciate so much about you, but especially your willingness to help, sweet cuddles and words of love and appreciation. This is something I’ve seen you grow in so much this last year and I know Jesus will help you to grow even more. You’re a sweet little mother to the young boys and I don’t know what I’d do without you! Keep making progress in your school; I’m so proud of you! I love you!

The spread: CC asked for some of her favorite dips, including eggplant with mayonnaise, eggplant in tomato and onion sauce and a cheese dip. There were chips, toast, crackers, veggies and of course cake and ice cream afterwards. I have more pictures of her birthday gifts which are on Jo’s cam, so I’ll get those ready asap.

My birthday girl! Isn’t she beautiful?

Dressing up is a major part of the fun 😀


My Heart

No part of my being needs Thee like my heart.
All else within me can be filled with Thy gifts.
My hunger can be satisfied by daily bread.
My thirst can be allayed by earthly waters.
My cold can be removed by household fires.
My weariness can be relieved by outward rest.
But no outward thing can make my heart pure.
The calmest day will not calm my passions.
The fairest scene will not beautify my soul.
The richest music will not make harmony within.
The breezes can cleanse the air, but no breeze can cleanse a spirit.
This world has not provided for my heart.
It has provided for my eyes, it has provided for my ears, it has provided for my touch, it has provided for my taste, it has provided for my sense of beauty-but it has not provided for my heart.
Provide Thou for my heart, O Lord!
It is the only unwinged bird in all creation.
Give it wings! O Lord! Give it wings!
Earth has failed to give it wings; its very power of loving has often drawn it into the mire.
Be Thou the strength of my heart.
Be Thou its fortress in temptation, its shield in remorse, its covert in the storm, its star in the night, its voice in the solitude.
Guide it in its gloom, help it in its faintness, prompt it in its perplexity, lead it through its labyrinth, raise it from its ruins.
I cannot rule this heart of mine; keep it under the shadow of Thy Own wings.

–George Matheson

If you have a minute, please do keep my physical heart in your prayers. It’s been hurting quite a bit lately; it hasn’t been this much since nearly 2 years. Thank you!