still alive at the top of the world

ok, so haven’t felt like blogging lately, so there. Now I have pix to post which I’ll do without much further ado. There are more posts on the way, but till then, here you go.

I’m not home right now, been away from my kids for nearly 3 weeks, but as much as I miss them and my home, it’s been a good time for me to take stock of some things, get some rest, and enjoy this beautiful country.

I love the green rice fields…it’s been so long since I saw rice fields (won’t go into years…but way long) like this, brought back all sorts of childhood memories. Only the ‘hills’ can be seen clearly on some days because of the monsoon, but it’s still pretty spectacular.

Talk about a perfect place for meditation! Last Sunday we took a hike up one of the nearby hills, absolutely beautiful! Sadly we left the house rather late, so it was dim for pix, but we did feel relaxed afterwards!

Yeh, so someone had to go make a silly face…I tell you, these guys managed to make me laugh so incredibly much!!!

Do not be fooled by appearances…all of the people here are great fun and know how to let down their hair when the time is right…I’ll miss you guys!

Ahhhhh, yes! Amazing times together singing, totally forgetting time and losing ourselves in the music, both among ourselves and with the AMs and others who come for visits.

Between Stephen (above), Sam and Arthur, the music was very well done…these guys are pretty talented. These two were in the same home as my dad for a while, so I’ve been catching up on stories about him and what he’s up to these days. I’ll post more about that later 😉