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Grades for the first quarter

Another quarter has gone by and the average grades are in. CC’s are in her blog.

Cherise average grades:

Bible: 90.5% –4 books

LA: 96% –3 books

Spelling: 93% –3 books

Math: 98% –3 books

Reading: 93% –3 books

Science: 88% –2 books

Social Studies: 91.5 –2 books

CC average grades:

Bible: 96.5 –5 books

LA: 94% –4 books

Spelling: 88% –4 books

Math: 95% –4 books

Reading: 94% –4 books

Science: 95% –5 books

Social Studies: 93% –3 books

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Quote of the day

Times of separation from loved ones can be some of the hardest times on Earth‚ but they can also be some of the sweetest, because I can draw you together in spirit as never before. You are still one with those who have gone away; you are not together physically, but you are together in spirit. And when you are together physically once again, I will cement your hearts with the sweet bond you have always known, only richer and fuller than before because it has undergone sacrifice for My sake.

Do you know that I see every tear, I feel every heartache, I understand every trial? I understand it all, and I have the antidote, too. So please don’t hesitate to tell Me whenever you feel a bit down, okay? I will send whatever will fill the void, and relieve that little trial or ache or unpleasant feeling–for it is My desire that you are happy each and every day.


Odds and ends

My concept of times and seasons is all mixed up, heh. It just occurred to me that in Europe, we’d quite possibly be heating at night or at least having to get out blankets and warm clothes. Here, though the rains have stopped and it’s cooler, especially at night, we still get highs in the early 30’s during the day! Everything is beautifully green rather than the changing leaves and I’m sure happy with the warm weather, the difference and all.

CC is having a growth spurt! She’s grown nearly 5cm in the last 7 months since we’ve been here. I’m not sure about buying her clothes anymore, ha! She’s pretty much outgrown most of her clothes, most certainly all the clothes we brought with us. She’s also put on weight, so she’s no longer as skinny as she was and as skinny as I was at her age J. Jordan has a little tummy going and even Cherise is putting on a bit of weight. I think India and Indian food agree with them!

Something new that the girls and I have gotten into more is cooking. Not just baking for occasions, etc, but cooking regular food. Especially CC is taking off, learning new things almost every day, though Cherise is trying her hand at all kinds of things she’s never done before: peeling cucumbers, cracking eggs, etc. CC is not only learning about the cooking itself: chopping, peeling, washing, etc, but other important things one needs to learn as a cook: lighting the stove, cleaning up afterwards, and something she just learned yesterday is multitasking, heh. Learning that you can’t just stand and watch the one thing cook, but use the time to do something else in the meantime.


Back home

Yes, yes, yes…it’s been a long while again. I want to be more faithful with this blog, but I’ve been taking time to get back into the home groove and all, so I hope it’ll pick up again. I’m also talking with CC about ways to wake her blog up again too.

So, I made it home safely after a 2 night and 1 day trip by bus and train. Since I was traveling with Sam and Arthur, it was better (as in cheaper, heh) for me to travel with them and safe as I wasn’t alone. The trip was a whole story in itself, one of those where we kept telling ourselves “This is something else to tell the grandkids”, ha. I was the only woman on the bus, our group the only foreigners. It was a bumpy, winding ride with little sleep through the night.

We arrived at 4 AM, an hour earlier than scheduled, but we heeded the advice of a frequent traveler I had met who told us to wait until daylight to attempt the crossing into India as it’s a long, deserted road and best done in light. We sat down surrounded by our stuff, much to the amusement of the shop owners who were just starting to get up. I wanted so much to take pictures, but didn’t want to advertise the camera, as I had important papers and the laptop in my stuff as well. Of course, there were different means of transport to get to the border, which we were told was 4 kms away, but seeing as they were all pretty pricy and it wasn’t yet hot because the sun was low in the sky, we decided to take a lovely morning walk (pushing and dragging our bags) to the Indian border. I think many of the other travelers on that street that took the donkey carts and autos may have thought we were a bit daft, but at that point, we really didn’t care too much. By the time we made it to the Nepali border, we were hot and tired, but in one piece and ended up paying the minimal price for an Indian bicycle rickshaw from the border to the train station and we were glad we did, as the station wouldn’t have been all that easy to get to on our own.

We waited at the train station for about four hours until we could finally crash in the comfortable, air-conditioned train where we slept for most of the 16 hour trip. A big chunk of our waking hours were spent talking with fellow passengers, which, in itself, made the whole trip worth it.

Arriving in sweltering Kolkata an hour early again, we made it home by 5AM and got just enough rest to start the day with the home. I came down to devotions and jokingly told the baby as I touched Lily’s tummy, “Ok, baby, I’m home, you can come now.” Well, he’s an obedient little one and was born at 6:30 PM that day! He’s a cute, fat, healthy little tyke and all went well with the delivery, thank the Lord. Sam and Arthur held down the fort as I took Lily to the clinic as Peter was out, but he soon made it there as well and we prayed for them here back home. The children are delighted with the new addition to the home and can’t wait for him to be a bit bigger so that they can hold him too.

So, now we’re getting used to baby cries in the middle of the night, and I’m making sure I haven’t lost my ‘mommy’ skills by helping with him whenever I can. It took me a full week to catch up on all the school the girls had done in the three weeks I was gone, but that’s all done now, too, and life is back to normal in that way. Sam and Arthur have gone their merry way, and Jo made it back safely from his trip with his paper work all in order as well. Thank the Lord for another exciting month gone by!

Like I said, I didn’t take many pictures…sorry about that!

Photo captions:

My last plate of momos before leaving the country. They’re a Chinese dish, kind of like dumplings with either meat or vegetable filling and a delicious sauce that is different at every place one eats at. They are relatively cheap, so we ate them nearly every time we were out and I was taken around to everyone’s favorite spots 😀

The only pix we took were at the train station just before boarding. Incidentally, this is the last time I got a pic with Sam before I cut his hair; and yes, the sun was shining in my eyes and we were all incredibly tired.