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Handwork Fair

We recently went to a Handwork Fair in our neighborhood; it was great fun for the kids to see cultural things from all over India. Enjoy the pix!





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Visit to school and village

Last Saturday we were invited to go to the opening of the new wing of the school that the Family India is running and maintaining in a village about 40 kms outside of Kolkata. I won’t write or post much about that part of our trip right now as there will be news of that in an upcoming newsletter.
When the ceremony started, we joined the honored guests in walking to the school. The little path was lined with children of all ages, who threw flowers, clapped and blew on shells which sounds like a deep horn. The children were smiling and laughing the whole way, happy that we (all together 3 Family adults and 3 representatives from the company) had come for the opening of the new wing of the school that was all paid for by an insurance company here.
However, we also went walking through the village and just the trip there was wonderful in itself. As soon as we got out of the city, the rice fields started. It’s currently harvest time, but it still was refreshing to see so many fields interspersed with palm trees and other fields. CC took a bunch of pix in the village which will be going on her blog along with her impressions of the place.
People live a simple, uncomplicated life and even though they are what we would consider desperately underprivileged, they seemed happy and unconcerned with financial crisis, stress, and worries. They reminded me a bit of what the African American said in response as to why he was so happy: no one will give them credit. It was refreshing to be out of the big city for a day, walking by the river, enjoying the wild-life etc. It’s amazing how quickly we’ve become city slickers; the kids getting all excited about ducks, goats, etc, ha! Of course, there were special treats too: we saw a kingfisher swoop down and catch a fish (he hid in the foliage so no pix, sorry!), other beautiful birds of paradise, dragonflies in several different colors, etc.


The river is also used for fishing; the whole place was so peaceful!


All the girls from the welcoming committee took a liking to CC and Cherise. Although they didn’t speak English, they all knew the universal language of smiles.
momcherisetreeCherise looks a bit frightened; that was because Peter and I told her that she’d have to climb that tree for a picture, heh.

squashroofA sight I haven’t seen often; squash growing on the roofs.