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Big Change Coming

I just wanted to announce that this blog will become private in 2 weeks. It’s a personal decision of mine, but I would still like those who are interested to be able to view, and as the tagline says…I want to stay in touch…so, if you have a WordPress blog this won’t be a problem, but if you don’t, please drop me a line at silverwaters78 at gmail dot com and I’ll send you the password. Thanks for understanding, I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you!

about the kids

School grades

Last week, all the kids got ‘back to school’ after their Christmas break. Thankfully, CC’s books as well as first grade came just the day after Christmas! They are all pretty excited about starting school, especially the boys who have started the Learning to Read program and Math for now. It’s a challenge for me, too, as I haven’t taught such varied age-groups since finishing my ‘teacher training’. CLE finally sent the report cards as well, so I finished filling those in. Here are their grades (average based on books completed between Sep.07-Aug.08):

CC (grade 3):
Bible (11 books): 96.8
LA (9 books): 93.5
Spelling: 85
Reading (10 books): 94.8
Math (10 books): 93
Science (9 books): 94.8
Social Studies (7 books): 95

Total books completed: 56
Year’s grade average: 93.27%

Cherise (grade 1, and starting grade 2):
Bible (12 books): 96.2
LA (12 books): 95.2
Spelling: 92.3
Reading (10 books): 91.3
Math (10 books): 95.4
Science (6 books): 93.2
Social Studies (6 books): 93

Total books completed: 56
Year’s grade average: 93.8%

(note: I hadn’t even realized how close the girls were in their average grade until writing this out and even recalculated just to be sure, ha!)

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Quotes for the Day

Being confident in how much Jesus loves you won’t just make you happier; it will be a stabilizing force in your life. When you are regularly assured of His love for you, and when trust and believe in it, then that peace and knowledge in your heart will steady you, even when you face disappointments, heartbreaks, difficulties, or anything else that the river of life sends your way. His love is strong enough to see you through anything! It’s durable, dependable, and forever!

If I could only use those who were strong, experienced, full of faith, never made mistakes, and had great personalities, I’d have…oh…ZERO disciples in My employ! The truth is that I can only use humble, broken, yielded men and women, and the way I obtain these great employees is by bringing about things that will keep them desperate and feeling like they’re nothing without Me. So when you feel like you’re at the bottom of the heap, look up, because you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m getting ready to really use you!

about the kids

Day out to Nature Park

We took an afternoon off for a parent day excursion to the Nature Park. We enjoyed a picnic, a boat ride, looking at and petting animals (CC was in seventh heaven over the white rabbits, too bad my camera is still broken and I couldn’t find any good pix of it on the other cams).

boatrideA highlight of the afternoon out. God bless the boys who paddled us out and kept things exciting by paddling close to the area where the motor boats would go by, much to the kid’s delight as the waves rocked us around.

girlsSome girls who wanted to take pictures with our girls. Cherise is still a bit uncomfortable with the fact that she doesn’t really ‘fit in’ in regards to their skin and hair color. Celebrity status doesn’t really suit her, I guess, ha.

goofyjor You can tell that the boys enjoyed their time out. Jordan especially was happy about all the opportunities to climb everywhere, such as this staircase to nowhere (it was the top of the bridge where there were water tanks, but it was closed to the public) and countless rocks, benches, and trees.

sleepycuddleThis was at home; I came up from devotions one morning and found them cuddled close like this for warmth. It was so cute, I had to take a picture. Jordan is quite the cuddle-bug and wants to cuddle with someone each night in order to go to sleep. The girls usually don’t mind, but are already trying to prepare Jordan for the time in the summer when it’ll be way too hot to be that close, even for comfort, heh.

about the kids

Our First Christmas and New Year in Kolkata!

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been very busy and my camera is also not working right now, so I had to copy these, etc. I’ll just let the pix speak for themselves…


The kids got to perform a few times, which was great fun for them. They practiced hard, and considering it was the first time for all the boys to be performing on stage, they did pretty well. Maybe once we get the broadband thing worked out, I’ll post the videos…

Performing for our C-mas get-together for the Bible students


Not sure what they’re looking at, but it’s making the girls smile, but Jordan and Aman aren’t so sure, heh

After their first dress rehearsal with a ‘live audience’. I loved how the dancing tired them out, ha!


Sorry, we’re not all in the pic, I’m hoping there might be one on the other camera…



Again, I’m sorry it’s dark, the setting on the camera was for the candlelight effect. It’s one of our goals that he’ll be reading his own notes next year!


CC worked with Cherise to get hers together and they then had me look over it. She’s getting to be such a big girl!


Speaking of big girls! CC not only heard from the Lord for her own New Year resolutions, she also got a beautiful prophecy for everyone in the home together. I think she was the happiest one that the temps went up slightly on New Year so she could wear her new favorite dress, heh. On C-mas, we had it quite chilly, around 21 degrees in the morning, so it was similar to house temperatures we’ve had so far in Europe.