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Our First Christmas and New Year in Kolkata!

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been very busy and my camera is also not working right now, so I had to copy these, etc. I’ll just let the pix speak for themselves…


The kids got to perform a few times, which was great fun for them. They practiced hard, and considering it was the first time for all the boys to be performing on stage, they did pretty well. Maybe once we get the broadband thing worked out, I’ll post the videos…

Performing for our C-mas get-together for the Bible students


Not sure what they’re looking at, but it’s making the girls smile, but Jordan and Aman aren’t so sure, heh

After their first dress rehearsal with a ‘live audience’. I loved how the dancing tired them out, ha!


Sorry, we’re not all in the pic, I’m hoping there might be one on the other camera…



Again, I’m sorry it’s dark, the setting on the camera was for the candlelight effect. It’s one of our goals that he’ll be reading his own notes next year!


CC worked with Cherise to get hers together and they then had me look over it. She’s getting to be such a big girl!


Speaking of big girls! CC not only heard from the Lord for her own New Year resolutions, she also got a beautiful prophecy for everyone in the home together. I think she was the happiest one that the temps went up slightly on New Year so she could wear her new favorite dress, heh. On C-mas, we had it quite chilly, around 21 degrees in the morning, so it was similar to house temperatures we’ve had so far in Europe.


1 thought on “Our First Christmas and New Year in Kolkata!”

  1. Thanks for posting these new pics ever so much! Been waiting for them. Makes my day! Love to see all your beautiful shining faces!

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