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School grades

Last week, all the kids got ‘back to school’ after their Christmas break. Thankfully, CC’s books as well as first grade came just the day after Christmas! They are all pretty excited about starting school, especially the boys who have started the Learning to Read program and Math for now. It’s a challenge for me, too, as I haven’t taught such varied age-groups since finishing my ‘teacher training’. CLE finally sent the report cards as well, so I finished filling those in. Here are their grades (average based on books completed between Sep.07-Aug.08):

CC (grade 3):
Bible (11 books): 96.8
LA (9 books): 93.5
Spelling: 85
Reading (10 books): 94.8
Math (10 books): 93
Science (9 books): 94.8
Social Studies (7 books): 95

Total books completed: 56
Year’s grade average: 93.27%

Cherise (grade 1, and starting grade 2):
Bible (12 books): 96.2
LA (12 books): 95.2
Spelling: 92.3
Reading (10 books): 91.3
Math (10 books): 95.4
Science (6 books): 93.2
Social Studies (6 books): 93

Total books completed: 56
Year’s grade average: 93.8%

(note: I hadn’t even realized how close the girls were in their average grade until writing this out and even recalculated just to be sure, ha!)


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