Quote for the day

I have some thoughts on this that I need to write down one of these days, but until then, this quote sums it up so nicely!

(Jesus:) I never take something away from you without giving you something better. The mistake people make is that they look for the same kind of thing as what I asked them to give up for Me. Sometimes My recompense comes in similar form, but often it does not. Don’t put Me, or your own happiness, in a box by looking for My blessings only along certain avenues. I can, and will, bless your life in many ways, and not always as you might expect. But what you can count on is that there will always be a greater gift and blessing to make up for any loss or forsaking.

about the kids

Baby Pix


He is just too cute and so incredibly easy to take care of…a little bundle of cuddles and love!


She is wanting to take care of him all the time and feels offended if her help isn’t needed right then. She was so delighted that the baby fell asleep in her lap and even though he’s even bigger now,  she managed to do it again recently. Both the girls are learning a lot about baby care; something I’m very happy about!

OH, and a cute kid to make you smile: Tonight, Lily baked bread for dinner and since it was soooo good, Jordan kept coming to me and asking for another small piece. I was doing the dishes as he came for his 4th piece and then said, “Mommy, you know why I keep asking for another piece? It’s so you won’t have so many leftovers to put away.” RIIIIIIGHT!

My favorite quotes, songs and stories

One Chance

Remember that you only have one chance for this Earth life. This is it‚ so enjoy it while it lasts. Enjoy your service to Me while you are here. Enjoy the company of those you live and work with‚ or the Home you fellowship with, because it won’t last forever. Enjoy your present circumstances, because this is the only time you’ll be here like this‚ in this place, with these loved ones. Enjoy time! Enjoy the moment, because in a moment this present moment will be past.


Trip to Bangalore

It was so inspiring to visit Bangalore…12 years after I left…and see people I knew and make new friends. If you follow the HIM site, you’ll know why we went, so I won’t expound on it right now, but the Family there is great. We went 2 days earlier as we had an appointment and also the flights were just cheaper that way, so we got to enjoy a party, attend a GM retreat, and spend time with friends. I didn’t take many pix as my camera isn’t working right now, so these are from Peter’s, which he kindly loaned me.

firstsariAbi (we lived in the same home so many years back) and others brought along saris to dress in traditional for the event. She had brought an extra one so asked if she could tie it on me. I was only to happy to comply. It was my first time and she also took the time to teach me how to wear it, so now I know, heh.

withstvclrI was so incredibly happy to meet these wonderful people again. Claire is one of those people I just love and they helped me so much the first time I was here to learn about India. They have beautiful kids and I hope they know how much I love them.

Thanks to everyone in Bangalore who organised the whole event, those who put us up, and made things so inspiring.

My favorite quotes, songs and stories

Quotes for the day

My idea of professionalism, especially in your calling of reaching the world for Me—is all about love. Here are some of the words that describe professionalism in My book: excellence, sacrifice, prayerfulness, diligence, integrity, courtesy, trustworthiness, kindness, perseverance, determination. Basically, professionalism is being the best you can be. Being a professional in your line of work means being expert in love. It means never losing sight of love, even when it’s crazy busy. It means meeting the multitude of needs that you face each day with My love. It means adapting, sacrificing, stretching, growing in love. It means applying love in the many varied and beautiful ways that are called for in your line of work. If you want to be professional, go all out with love. If you measure your choices against the yardstick of love and you do the loving thing in each situation, you will become more professional than you would have ever imagined. There is never a right choice that is not the loving choice. If you let love get crowded out, you’re missing the point of it all. You might achieve success in the world’s eyes, but in Heaven’s eyes you will have failed. And what good will all your works be when you stand before Me? Love is what I’m going to look at. I’ve made it so that you truly succeed in My work, with fruit that remains, when you love. It’s just that simple.


Jordan had a birthday!

Yep, he’s five now and growing up so quickly! In so many ways, he’s trying to be a big boy and at other times he returns to being the little kid I know is still in there. I love to cuddle with him; he’s one of those kids who knows how to hug and hug and hug. He just started first grade together with Aman and is making good progress in all areas. Last Christmas was the first time he performed on stage with the other kids and this last year was a biggie for him and all of us as we moved continents, went on a plane for the first time, tasted new foods, had new experiences, etc.

I was thankful we had decided to celebrate on his birthday, as I wasn’t feeling too well on mine. I’ll have pix to show; his theme was jungle animals, we decorated the room with green everywhere and I got a chance to paint all their faces as he’s the only kid who has birthday when the weather is cool enough to enjoy getting painted, heh.