Jordan had a birthday!

Yep, he’s five now and growing up so quickly! In so many ways, he’s trying to be a big boy and at other times he returns to being the little kid I know is still in there. I love to cuddle with him; he’s one of those kids who knows how to hug and hug and hug. He just started first grade together with Aman and is making good progress in all areas. Last Christmas was the first time he performed on stage with the other kids and this last year was a biggie for him and all of us as we moved continents, went on a plane for the first time, tasted new foods, had new experiences, etc.

I was thankful we had decided to celebrate on his birthday, as I wasn’t feeling too well on mine. I’ll have pix to show; his theme was jungle animals, we decorated the room with green everywhere and I got a chance to paint all their faces as he’s the only kid who has birthday when the weather is cool enough to enjoy getting painted, heh.


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