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My idea of professionalism, especially in your calling of reaching the world for Me—is all about love. Here are some of the words that describe professionalism in My book: excellence, sacrifice, prayerfulness, diligence, integrity, courtesy, trustworthiness, kindness, perseverance, determination. Basically, professionalism is being the best you can be. Being a professional in your line of work means being expert in love. It means never losing sight of love, even when it’s crazy busy. It means meeting the multitude of needs that you face each day with My love. It means adapting, sacrificing, stretching, growing in love. It means applying love in the many varied and beautiful ways that are called for in your line of work. If you want to be professional, go all out with love. If you measure your choices against the yardstick of love and you do the loving thing in each situation, you will become more professional than you would have ever imagined. There is never a right choice that is not the loving choice. If you let love get crowded out, you’re missing the point of it all. You might achieve success in the world’s eyes, but in Heaven’s eyes you will have failed. And what good will all your works be when you stand before Me? Love is what I’m going to look at. I’ve made it so that you truly succeed in My work, with fruit that remains, when you love. It’s just that simple.


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