Trip to Bangalore

It was so inspiring to visit Bangalore…12 years after I left…and see people I knew and make new friends. If you follow the HIM site, you’ll know why we went, so I won’t expound on it right now, but the Family there is great. We went 2 days earlier as we had an appointment and also the flights were just cheaper that way, so we got to enjoy a party, attend a GM retreat, and spend time with friends. I didn’t take many pix as my camera isn’t working right now, so these are from Peter’s, which he kindly loaned me.

firstsariAbi (we lived in the same home so many years back) and others brought along saris to dress in traditional for the event. She had brought an extra one so asked if she could tie it on me. I was only to happy to comply. It was my first time and she also took the time to teach me how to wear it, so now I know, heh.

withstvclrI was so incredibly happy to meet these wonderful people again. Claire is one of those people I just love and they helped me so much the first time I was here to learn about India. They have beautiful kids and I hope they know how much I love them.

Thanks to everyone in Bangalore who organised the whole event, those who put us up, and made things so inspiring.


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