about the kids

Baby Pix


He is just too cute and so incredibly easy to take care of…a little bundle of cuddles and love!


She is wanting to take care of him all the time and feels offended if her help isn’t needed right then. She was so delighted that the baby fell asleep in her lap and even though he’s even bigger now,  she managed to do it again recently. Both the girls are learning a lot about baby care; something I’m very happy about!

OH, and a cute kid to make you smile: Tonight, Lily baked bread for dinner and since it was soooo good, Jordan kept coming to me and asking for another small piece. I was doing the dishes as he came for his 4th piece and then said, “Mommy, you know why I keep asking for another piece? It’s so you won’t have so many leftovers to put away.” RIIIIIIGHT!


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