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I Will Go On

I am a bit late in posting this, but I was so incredibly glad that this song has finally come out on CD. I had only heard the unfinished versions, but the words always spoke to me.  It’s kind of the way I feel right now and it just fits.

I Will Go On

Sung by: Haven

Written by: Haven

You never said that it would be the easy way

But you won’t give me more than You know I can take

You never said that the world would accept me

I’m set apart to be only Yours.  That’s where I wanna’ be


I will go on. I will stand strong

Even if I’m alone

I will hold on. I’ll carry on until my last dying breath

Until You come to carry me Home.

2nd Verse:

You never said that I wouldn’t bear a heavy load

But You’ll be with me as I walk down life’s road.

You never said that I wouldn’t feel lonely.

But when I’m alone is when I see Your face  much more clearly.

3rd Verse:

You never said that I wouldn’t have a heartbreak

But a life that’s broken You can completely remake

You never said that I wouldn’t feel like crying

But you’ll dry my  tears and give me the strength to keep trying

my writings and thots

Rain, lovely rain

So, it hasn’t rained since about 5 months or so, but it did a few days back! I was so happy the first time, though it meant clearing my balcony of all the stuff I put out there in the winter, but it was late at night so I didn’t get to run out and enjoy it the way I would have wanted to. Thankfully, it rained again two days later. This time I was on my way back from class when it started. As soon as I got to my stop, the rain also stopped, so I thought I’d hurry and make it home before it started again. But oh, no, this was a real cloudburst that wouldn’t be paused for long. I soon found refuge under a roof, but after waiting for 15 min or so, I figured that I’d been wanting to run through the rain anyway, I wasn’t wearing my good shoes ( 😛 ), so I might as well make a dash for it. It was great! I love getting soaked in the rain and thankfully the streets were pretty deserted as I was laughing along, heh. I arrived home soaking and grinning from ear to ear. The kids’ first reaction was all, ‘oh, poor mommy, had to run in the rain and got soaked”. I finally just told them, ‘oh, no! It was fun!’

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Faith Without Trappings

Thanks to the blessing of broadband, we’ve been able to catch up on some audio files from the MO site that I hadn’t been aware of. Lily found a few testimonial radio shows and one in particular made a big impression on me. It’s the story of Darlene Rose who was a very young missionary to New Guinea just before WW2. Shortly after the start of the war, she was taken as a prisoner of war, went through all sorts of harrowing and life-threatening experiences, and found out that her husband went to be with the Lord. So many times in the narrative, she talks about how just when she thought she couldn’t go on another step, the Lord would speak to her heart and give her the peace and strength to go on, doing miracles in order to keep her alive and heal her of different tropical diseases he got. I was moved to see how through the whole experience she kept her faith, kept believing the Lord’s promises (she was a prisoner for nearly 4 years) and made it out alive.


Towards the end of her story, she’s explaining how she, once she was released, had sent telegrams home letting them know she was alive and coming home. However, she never heard word from her parents and took the boat trip not knowing where she’d end up and what she’d do once she got there. When the boat docked, it finally hit her that in the last four years, her parents had also passed away and now she was completely alone. She questioned the Lord as to why she was now completely alone, to which He told her, “You can still trust Me, My child.” She made her peace with the Lord and decided to try to find someone from the Red Cross who could give her funds to get back to her home state in order to see if anyone from her family was still alive and try to start over. The first Red Cross lady she explained all this to told Darlene that she had been looking for her with three telegrams from her parents explaining that they had moved and had sent money for her to get to where they were. The next part, I’ll transcribe, because it spoke so much to me and she said it so well.


“But you know, I thank God that He didn’t let me meet that woman until I had met Him and I knew that even if Mother and Dad and the rest of them were gone I could still trust my Lord. You know, it’s wonderful that God brings you to that place where it’s faith without trappings; just faith and a testimony of a Person that you’ve walked with for all these years, that I think in a measure it was like Job said, “even though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.” Because I knew the character of my God.”


There are times when I feel like I’ve given a lot up, sacrificed or done a fair deal of hurting inside. But when I look at things from that perspective, I can see how there are those times when God just wants to meet me, just wants my faith to be such that I trust regardless of what I can see or feel. In comparison, my sacrifices are tiny, and if I compare to all He gave up for me, that infinite love, nothing can compare! It’s something I’ve been learning over the last few months, to, when things get desperate, when I really don’t know which way I’ll turn, instead of feeling that I have some kind of ‘right’ to bemoan my difficulties, to instead just chose to trust; to put it all in His hands and let Him lead. I haven’t attained yet, and there are still times I hit bottom in a manner of speaking, but in those times, I just have to reach out my hand, like a child, and ask Him to pick me up again, having the full trust, that indeed, He will.


Celebrate with us!!

It’s been one year since we arrived in this wonderful land. Time seems to have gone by so fast and at the same time, so much has happened. I’m so thankful to the Lord for bringing my dreams to pass by bringing us all here and helping us to adjust to things so quickly. The kids all love it so much; CC told me the other day she can’t imagine living anywhere else. We were so blessed last month to have the meetings and the visit which was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We’ve made new friends, learned so many new things, plenty of new experiences and food, and so much more!

So, cheers to the Lord for keeping us here this long, and prayers to stay for a long time to come!

about the kids


Holi is a very happy, colorful festival where people play with colors and water. We didn’t get colors for the kids to play with as we don’t have clothes for them to ruin completely, but they did have fun playing with water on the roof. All pix taken by Jo.

holi2It was a pretty hot day, so the water was refreshing.

jorwaterfightI don’t know what he’s thinking here…looks like he’s trying to cast water out of his finger-tips, ha!

holi11I love this one!

about the kids

Kid’s pix

More from Jo’s camera…taken before he left…


kidsdressupThe last night of the Feast, the kids did a ‘spirit helper’ dress up. Can you guess who’s who?? CC didn’t make it into the picture on time, but she was Flo.

jorfirsthaircutWell, my buzzer gave up the ghost after I tried buzzing Jo’s hair with it. So, Jordan joined Aman this time for his first trip to the barber. He sat still as a mouse most of the time, and I think I was more concerned when I saw them take out the razor blade, ha! He said the only thing that was uncomfortable was that the room was a/c and the water they used on his head made him feel cold along with the cold scissors.

jorhaircutMy handsome little man after his haircut.


Cute Charlotte

Yesterday, CC handed me  a cute card with this text:

There are many…friends, pets, food, trees, birds, and bees, but there is only one, only one MOM. Awwwwwwwww!

And I found out tonight that the best time to have talk time with a cancer child is full moon 😀