Cute kids

As mentioned in the last post, we are painting most of the rooms and halls in the house. Most of them are done in different shades of yellow so Jordan and Sameer were running from room to room shouting, “Look, all this yellow! It’s just like the monkey movie!” Then later, Jordan and Aman were asking me what room we’ll be painting our bedroom and I said I’d like a shade of green as it would go well with our curtains. To which they replied, “oh, great! Then this will be the jungle room!”

Sameer was helping his dad beat eggs in a bowl for scrambled eggs using a fork. After a minute he says, “Dad, can I have a spoon? This fork is leaking.”

Yesterday, Peter and I took Aman and Jordan to the barber for their overdue cuts. On the way, the boys were practicing their counting, but after getting to 30, Aman keeps going “31, 32, 31, 32, 31, 32, 31, 32”. After it got to be too much, his dad asked him to stop to which Aman replied, “oh, but the CD is scratched.”


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