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Kid’s pix

More from Jo’s camera…taken before he left…


kidsdressupThe last night of the Feast, the kids did a ‘spirit helper’ dress up. Can you guess who’s who?? CC didn’t make it into the picture on time, but she was Flo.

jorfirsthaircutWell, my buzzer gave up the ghost after I tried buzzing Jo’s hair with it. So, Jordan joined Aman this time for his first trip to the barber. He sat still as a mouse most of the time, and I think I was more concerned when I saw them take out the razor blade, ha! He said the only thing that was uncomfortable was that the room was a/c and the water they used on his head made him feel cold along with the cold scissors.

jorhaircutMy handsome little man after his haircut.


1 thought on “Kid’s pix”

  1. Can’t guess, maybe Jesus, roman centurion, Queen Ester, Billy bo.
    Hair cutting and shave with a strait razor is an experience, though if they are sterilizing the scissors and razer they are usually warm, I’m guessing they are not !?!

    CC looks tall, CM’s dress used to fit CC, so everyone must be up a size or two in the last year or so, growing years!
    – Jayman

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