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Rain, lovely rain

So, it hasn’t rained since about 5 months or so, but it did a few days back! I was so happy the first time, though it meant clearing my balcony of all the stuff I put out there in the winter, but it was late at night so I didn’t get to run out and enjoy it the way I would have wanted to. Thankfully, it rained again two days later. This time I was on my way back from class when it started. As soon as I got to my stop, the rain also stopped, so I thought I’d hurry and make it home before it started again. But oh, no, this was a real cloudburst that wouldn’t be paused for long. I soon found refuge under a roof, but after waiting for 15 min or so, I figured that I’d been wanting to run through the rain anyway, I wasn’t wearing my good shoes ( 😛 ), so I might as well make a dash for it. It was great! I love getting soaked in the rain and thankfully the streets were pretty deserted as I was laughing along, heh. I arrived home soaking and grinning from ear to ear. The kids’ first reaction was all, ‘oh, poor mommy, had to run in the rain and got soaked”. I finally just told them, ‘oh, no! It was fun!’

PS. Please sign your name when leaving a comment, otherwise I have no way of knowing who you are. I’ll post them anyway, but I’m just curious to know who comments. Thanks!


1 thought on “Rain, lovely rain”

  1. you love getting soaked, eh? hmm, might want to be careful who you tell that to ( like me, hehe)… seriously though, glad that you are having fun down/over there!

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