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Our vaccation was lots of fun, CC kept a log of the whole trip, so she’ll be posting about it soon. I want to post some pix as well, which I’ll do as soon as I can get my hands on them.

Please pray for me as I’m studying for my upcoming exams and feeling a bit overwhelmed about it. We also have our annual meeting this weekend, so any prayers for that are appreciated as well.

One to make you smile:
84114I hope I’m pretty when I’m really old, too. 😛

about the kids


Cherise has discovered her gift of prophecy! She’s used it from time to time before, but had doubts about her little gift. Thankfully, she’s now taken the step forward and hears from the Lord on her own and even in public. It’s always a wondeful feeling when one of the kids grasps and uses the things of the spirit that we try to impart to them.

She also finished second grade and is making fast progress in starting third. Spelling and lanugage arts are still her strong point and she’s excited about having a ‘creative writing’ scrap book to start on and is enjoying learning how to improve in her writing. She also really likes poetry, which just proves that it is possible to teach others to enjoy things one doesn’t really like, heh. I had diffuculties in school with poetry, mainly because I just couldn’t really come up with original ways to express myself that way, and though I now can appreciate a good poem from time to time, I’m still not into it that much, so it’s a good thing both girls enjoy it and like writing it.

Speaking of poetry and writing, check out CC’s blog, I posted a few things she asked me to post for her. Please leave your name if you comment, she’d appreciate it, thanks!


Quote for the day

Your life on Earth will never be perfect. You’ll be affected by people’s bad choices. You’ll have to fight through some injustices—some real, and some that are only real in your perception of them. But I am fair, I am just, and Heaven is where all your dreams will come true. Make the best of this life, do your best for Me, be My vessel of love and comfort to others, and realize that you won’t have all the answers here and now. That’s why your life for Me requires faith; it does now and it always will….

The “good” that I am talking about is something far greater than the pleasures and comforts of the flesh. I’m speaking of being able to fulfill My plan for your life, to reap the eternal rewards and crowns that have been chosen and designed for you. I’m talking about knowing the true, deep joy and satisfaction that comes from being so one with Me that nothing can separate us.

This is the true “good” that is worth going through anything to gain. It has nothing to do with how your flesh feels at any given moment. All those feelings and visual manifestations are nothing more than passing shadows. I often do bless you with the feelings and the physical comforts to help and encourage you to keep going, and those things are blessings too. But they aren’t the “good” that I’m talking about when I promise to bring good out of everything for you who love Me. If they were, if that was the goal, then what you have to pass through in this life wouldn’t be worth the price, because those things are soon gone and then have no more worth.

So when you look at Romans 8:28, remember that it’s not promising that every trial will end with everything all nice and cozy and comfortable, and everyone all smiles and laughing. It’s promising that everything that comes into your life, if you love Me, is going to work together with everything else that is coming into your life to bring about the ultimate good, the ultimate goal, the ultimate glory and joy and rewards that I have planned and prepared for you.

about the kids, read this

answers to questions

Is there anyone else who can’t view the pix on here? Please let me know if it works for you. I know I’m not posting a whole lot of pictures right now and I wouldn’t know how to fix the problem, but if it’s more people, I’d have to look into it. Thanks!

The kids are dressed up as: Aman: Billy Bojangles; Cherise: a fairy; Jordan: Archangel Gabriel; Sameer: a warrior angel.

Of course the scissors were clean at the barbers! And the razors were new. The reason it was cold is cause the room was a/c. Anything metal in there gets cold within seconds. Put a spoon in the fridge for a minute and you’ll see…

Oh, and thank you so much for your funny comments. They make CC and I  smile 😀