about the kids, read this

Pictures at last!

Here are the pictures I promised, there will be more from the vaccation, etc.

babyquotesHe’s one of those babies who loves his picture facts, baby quotes, flashcards, etc. Cherise of course, loves to be the ‘teacher’.

bestbuddiesJordan and Aman promised to be “friends forever”…

jorportraitThat’s my boy!

fishkissWe took the kids for an excursion to science city one afternoon. They had so much fun with the experiments. No, she’s not getting a kiss from the fish, it’s some kind of sound travel thing. CC was on the other end listening. Jordan is just climbing…as always…

jorcaptainAt the marine section of science city. It was fun for them to be able to turn the wheel, even though he’s obviously much too small 😀

making-musicMaking music, experimenting with tones, etc.

whisperAgain, a sound travel experiment; wonder what she told Cherise…


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