about the kids

Vaccation pictures

We spent 2 nights and 3 days in another city enjoying the beach, fun time with the home there and plenty of rest.

amancherisebeachSand and Sea, they had so much fun even though the wind was pretty strong and because of a cyclone we couldn’t swim much as the currents were too strong; they had plenty of fun splashing around and playing in the sand.

ccsameerbeachLetting the waves roll over them.

jordanbeachMore fun in the sand.

crocsmouthOne afternoon we had an outing to a hill overlooking the sea and the city. It was a beautiful park with plenty of play areas for the kids and some wonderful views.

familyportraitI’ve decided that it’s just not possible to get a good family picture. Not sure why Cherise looks so worried, but I do know that our hair is blowing because of the strong wind. you can see the beach in the background–beautiful!

mommyspellRemember the picture I posted of Jordan looking like he was casting a spell? Aha! Look who he gets it from, ha!

mushroomPretty, isn’t it?

vaccation1The view from the top of the hill. One afternoon we also just walked along the beach and the kids enjoyed playing in the sand. After that, we visted an aquarium with all sorts of amazing fish and sea creatures, sadly most of those pictures didn’t come out, but the kids had a great time!

viewYou can get a bit of an idea of how hard the wind was blowing. It’s still pretty, though.

cherisevishalThis one was taken back home; Looks like a pretty interesting conversation there!


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