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Meditation for the day

Although brokenness brings tenderness and humility, not too many people like to be in the breaking process because it’s so difficult for the human soul to understand where it’s taking them. In that moment of darkness, feelings of loneliness and loss can easily take over your mind and soul. It’s not easy to go through. The human spirit rejects it. However, being broken is one of those experiences that brings out the best in you.

So come to Me in meditation and let Me give you the grace to go through the brokenness, to come out victoriously. Brokenness is not regarded as a very inspiring time in the natural, but in the heavenly realm it is seen differently. It’s a time when many in Heaven rejoice for you. They want you to have that brokenness in your life because they know the results will be good. They look forward to the future and they know that victory is at hand; they’re ready to coach you through it. Meditating on Me will give you that proper perspective, and will bring grace and faith to endure and overcome.


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