about the kids

French Kiss?

Today at parent time, my heart started hurting, so I laid down on the bed and Cherise prayed for me. After she was done, Jordan announced, “Mommy just needs a french kiss!” I was so surprized; all these thoughts start running through my head at breakneck speed wondering what movies he’s been watching, who’s been talking to him (or around him) about kissing, etc. I’m thinking “How on earth did my innocent five-year-old learn about the french kiss????”


Thankfully, before I started interrogating him, I realized that I have misunderstood my kids before (hey, it happens to everyone), so I ask him as casually as I can, “uhhh, what’s a french kiss?” To which my still innocent five-year-old replies, “you know, the kiss, kiss, kiss like they do in France!”

kiss kiss kiss

Ahhhh, the innocence of childhood!


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