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It’s still All About Love


I want to tell you one of the things that Peter and I pray fervently for when we pray for you: that in all the busyness of life, in our increased professionalism, in the abundance of urgent needs and priorities, you don’t lose sight of how important love is—how important it is in the big picture, and how important it is in your little daily choices and priorities.

It’s easy to lose that focus or clarity in your perspective, as you know. We’ve all inadvertently done that at one time or another. We know we’re here for love, and that love is the purpose behind it all; it’s our foundation. And yet, in those little moments when you have to make a choice between taking time for love, or getting more done, or something done faster, or you’re faced with a need that requires a bigger measure of love and unselfishness, it’s easy to make choices that squeeze love out of the picture.

Somehow, unwittingly, we forget the importance of those little acts of love, which are often manifested in acts of kindness or courtesy, or simply taking time for others. Sometimes we forget that all our accomplishments are nothing without love.

Jesus: It’s interesting, isn’t it, how easily love seems to get lost in the shuffle of getting to where you want to go? That’s why, even though you’re busier than ever with My great commission, you have to keep the conscious mentality that love is still the most important thing. It will never become of lesser importance. It’s one of those timeless spiritual principles.

It’s easy to get so preoccupied with doing that you forget about giving love. You know the kind of love I’m talking about—the kind that takes time: little acts of love and kindness, stopping to help someone, being a listening ear, doing a kind deed, giving someone an encouraging squeeze, putting their needs before your own.

It seems to be a natural reaction to feel that as things get busier, love can wait—but love is still the most important thing. To love is still the reason why you’re on Earth, why I didn’t take you Home as soon as you were saved and came to know Me. Love is the foundation of the Revolution and the Offensive. To lose sight of love is to lose sight of Me and the reason that I came to Earth.

So don’t get too busy for love. When you’re faced with an opportunity to love, go for it! Seize it, don’t delay! Consider it an opportunity from Me to give some of the most precious gifts that can be given: your love and your time.


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