about the kids

Cute (and Cheeky) Kids

It had been raining for much of the morning, but stopped just as the kids were coming for snack. Sameer comes into the dining room and says, “Look, Uncle Jo, the rain is taking a lunch break!”

We often have yogurt for snack, but the kids like to have something after that as well, so one day Aman asked, “what’s after yogurt?” Lily jokingly replied, “there’s nothing after yogurt.” I then hear CC muttering under her breath, “Well, zebra could come after yogurt.”

One day I was asking the first grader boys to write the beginning sounds of words I read to them. The word I read was see-saw. Aman wrote a “C”. Actually, I think that was pretty smart 😀

CC was putting oil in my hair and casually mentioned that she found white hair on the back of my head. I argued with her that it just couldn’t be, I’m too young, plus I just died it. She replied, “Fine, maybe I just shouldn’t tell you about it, that way you won’t feel old.) Oh, yay…


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