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Recent pix

Sorry for the delay on these!

CCb-day 1My beautiful 11 year old! For more pix from her birthday, check out CC’s blog.

fun at park 1Having fun together at the park on Sunday.

sunderban 1I was blessed to accompany a scouting team in to the Sunderban area to assess the Aila cyclone damage, needs, etc. I won’t get into that part of the trip as it’ll be in an upcoming newsletter, but I wanted to post some pix of the beauty of the area–the largest delta in the world! Above, clay brick furnaces in the background, shrimp farms in the foreground. The sky was amazing that day!

sunderban 2Mangrove swamps. At high tide, the water covers this area too.

sunderban 3The river we crossed to get to the villages on the other side.

sunderban 4A tree lizard. Almost missed it too, it was fast!

sunderban 5The kingfisher posed for us shortly and then flew off.

sunderban 6A double rainbow on the way home.


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