Another trip into the Sunderbans

This time I had the chance to go with the team to deliver food packages to a village affected by Aila. It went very well, the team of volunteers were great, and the people there so grateful for the food. More details to come, just a few pix for now, am waiting on some more from other cameras.

ailarelief1It was hard work, was on my feet for hours, but was so worth it. Thank the Lord, my heart behaved that day and I only felt it mildly. Still catching up on rest, though, it’s far away so left early and were back late.

sunderban1High tide on our way to the village. By the time we were done, the tide was out and we got to walk through the clay mud up to our knees! It was definitely a worthwhile experience and lots of laughs as we had to wash off our legs once we got onto the boat.

sunderban2The walls that separate the islands with villages from the river. Many of these were destroyed completely and some are still not completely repaired meaning that with all the monsoon, there’s more flooding.


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