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This is so me!


Really, I could worry about everything. It’s taken a long time and more than enough sleepless nights to convince me that I really am not in control of anything at all. God’s the One Who knows and can do anything about my concerns anyway, so I’m learning to leave it all in His hands. I hope it won’t be a life-long struggle for me; I hope I can learn to just ‘cast my cares on Him’ and keep smiling the worries away.

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Update–at last!

I haven’t been faithful with this place; many reasons, but I hope to get back to posting again. I kind of miss writing, too, heh.
The kids were sick for about 2 weeks, and towards the end of them being sick, I got it, too. High fevers, coughs, colds, earaches, the works. Thanks to everyone who prayed for us, we’re all getting our strength back, though we’re all still a bit tired, but we’re getting back into the school groove, etc.
We started C-mas practice! Since the kids are feeling better, they’ve been itching to get started and I’m happy that they remember most of their steps and want to learn a few new songs. I’m hoping that I can get some good vids of them this year, they really are very cute. I can’t wait to see them all matching, heh.
Winter is slowing coming, something we’re all thankful for; at nights the fans are off now. What’s funny is that what is considered ‘cooler’ by us now (as in 27-28C) is pretty warm in Europe. I guess our blood’s thinned out nicely, and winter here is ‘just right’ for me.
If you haven’t had a look at the new December Activated mag, take a look–here’s me being shameless, ha!

my writings and thots

The ‘instrument’


I recently read the book Jane Eyre with Charlotte for Language Arts, and even though the language is quite ‘heady’, with a lot of discussion, she really enjoyed it. I had remembered that it was a good story and all, but had forgotten just how good it is. There is one part I wanted to share along with an observation I’ve made recently.

I have to give a bit of history, or else the quote makes no sense. Jane is talking to her employer, Mr. Rochester about his life, the wrong turns he had made and he’s trying to somehow get through to her the difference she’s made in his life. He no longer feels the need to leave his home, drinking and gambling in order to forget a mistake he made when he was younger. Because of his vices, he feels he’s even more unforgivable, though he can now make the changes he needs to.

Again Mr. Rochester propounded his query:

‘Is the wandering and sinful, but now rest-seeking and repentant, man justified in daring the world’s opinion, in order to attach to him for ever this gentle, gracious, genial stranger,  thereby  securing  his  own  peace  of  mind  and  regeneration of life?’

‘Sir,’ I answered, ‘a wanderer’s repose or a sinner’s reformation should never depend on a fellow-creature. Men and women die; philosophers falter in wisdom, and Christians in goodness: if any one you know has suffered and erred, let him look higher than his equals for strength to amend and solace to heal.’

‘But the instrument—the instrument! God, who does the work, ordains the instrument.  I  have  myself—I  tell  it  you without parable—been a worldly, dissipated, restless man; and I believe I have found the instrument for my cure…’

This got me thinking about those people God brings into our lives, the people who are the ‘instruments’ He uses to keep us going from day to day, to help us along, or have faith in us. I know that in my life there have been those friends, the ones who stuck through thick and thin even if just shortly. Even though I can’t compare with the life Mr. Rochester regrets, there were and are times in my life when I was discouraged with mistakes I had made, wrong calls, and blunders I seem to come up with far too frequently. There were times when no one but I knew about the things going through my mind, but somehow, at just the right time, God was able to use someone to bring me out of the discouragement I felt. It’s also true what Jane says, we can’t depend on people to see us through, in the end it is a work of God, but I just wanted to let those people know how much I value them in being the ‘instrument’ that helped me keep going. There have been times when it made all the difference in going on and giving up. I have been so blessed in that regard, maybe because it’s what the Lord knows I need in order to keep going.

Every day, I thank God for you. I only hope that when the time is needed, I can be an ‘instrument’ for you.

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At last, pix from our trip up north

These are just adding to what CC already posted on hers.




A pretty little park we took some of the kids to after we went around visiting some friends. It was getting dark, but they enjoyed themselves anyway.


The moon was so pretty that night, I loved the contrast. I didn’t have my camera, but was borrowing for this trip.


Beautiful Charlotte with beautiful flowers


Cherise loves to pose as much as her sister does, ha!


We went for an outing for a day. Thankfully, we had a guide who took us to some of the most beautiful areas surrounding the town we were in. It’s not called the land of clouds for nothing!


At one of the first stops along the way. Thankfully, most of this fog cleared and we had a wonderful view of the hills (the 4th highest hills in the world) and waterfalls.


The sun breaking through the clouds.










The legend behind this rock is that there was a giant in the land (we heard 2 different versions, one that the giant was good, the other was that he was an ogre, heh) who eventually died and this was his basket (in this area, people carry huge baskets on their backs) which turned to stone over time. I don’t know how huge the giant must have been to have a basket this big though!



The plains of Bangladesh!