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Slightly Confused

The kids and I were playing charades (they did the charades, I just sit and guess; let’s just say there’s a lot of laughing!). It was Jordan’s turn, and seeing as we only allowed Bible stories, we couldn’t for the life of us figure out what it was. First shaking like the earth was gonna fall, cowering in fear, hiding, etc. At the end, a character, obviously God or an angel talking to the first character. We ended up giving up and he says, “Joshua and the Burning Bush!”

“Uhhhh, Jordan, that would be Moses and the burning bush, and what was with all the theatrics at the beginning?”

“Oh, you know, God wasn’t in the fire, or the earthquake, or the wind, but in the still small voice!”

I think I’m going to start reading the Bible to him more regularly again, ha!


1 thought on “Slightly Confused”

  1. This posting made me chuckle. Ha Kids are so cute.
    And yes please read more Bible to them. With so many other pubs to read, I hope folks don’t forget to give our little ones a good foundation in the Bible.
    I hope you are all ok over there, with Jo gone. Please let us know if you have any special prayer requests.
    Would like to Skype with the kids sometime. My skype name is:

    Much love,
    Grandma Katrina

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